so about me...

so about me...

I hate autobiograpical statements.

Rather than blather onward about myself, I instead considered the idea of a picture being worth 1000 words. What if instead a thousand words (give or take) made a picture? And since, again, I hate writing stuff about myself (at least when not guided by questions or some other prompting) I open the floor to everyone else. At the very least, this should be an interesting experiment.

* "jwwkucpuumfehpptf, jqaanhawoc " - lbtiwtrxmp * "She IS the walrus. Not
because she looks like one (QUITE the contrary, in fact) but because she's likely to be sitting in
a corner lying in wait for you simply so she can say "Goo goo g'joob" at you." * "A thoroughly accom
plished crafter, a loving wife who takes precisely zero shit, a dedicated step-mom, and complete and
utter nerd. In short: awesome." * "I love her dearly, for her poise and grace which she clearly doe
sn't know she possesses. Also she clearly gives no fucks what other people think, which carries her
through when she is not being graceful." * "fun, creative, smart, and otherwise totally awesome" * "
warm, creative, and delightfully snarky" - Val * "courageous" - Athene * "You are my cousin. And I c
an say for certain that you were the cuutest baby ever born. And you are super cool." - Judi * "Ande
e is an amazingly complex wonderful person that I am so glad to know." - Rhi * "Andee is a glorious
instigator of mad silly puppet shenanigans!" - Q * "Roses are red; violets are blue; Andee is Browne
(-Tatro)! :)" - extrajoker * "She is a person of profound intelligence, critical thought, and deep k
indness." - Dracula * "Definitely not an imitation of someone else. 100% real." * "Hilarious. One of
my favorite people. She has some of the most varied and cool interests I've ever seen. " * "gib mir
mein destillat" - RoboJew * "Spunky and sweet with mah-velous braids!" * "all the things she said,
all the things she said, running through my head, running through my head, running through my head.
This is not enough." - tAtU * "I myself am my harshest critic." - ARBT * "I don't know you but I thi
nk this idea's kinda neat. goodluck with everything." * Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adip
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